Artwork by Marcia Scott

Recorded at Rogue Studios (Bermondsey)
Novacaine Studios(Forest Hil)
Zodiac Studios (Greenwich)

Produced By Damidge
Vocals-Al Damidge
Bass/Backing Vocals -Mitch Lapute
Guitar -Alex Pym
Additional Vocals on 'Ritten in Rehab' & 'Nightmare Whiteflare' -Chris Bowsher
'Nightmare Whiteflare' Written by Roly Wynne & Damidge
All other tracks written and performed by Damidge
Mixed by Alyssio Gavallero
Mastered by Barry Gardener

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Damidge was formed by frontman Al Damidge in South London in 1987. In the band's 1990's peak, members included guitarist Alex Pym (Dream Machine/Zub Zub) bassist Roly Wynne (Ozric Tentacles co-founder) and Drummer Conrad Prince & Keyboardist Christopher "Seaweed" Lennox-Smith.

Amongst their playing history was The Astoria & Brixton Academy (both supporting Ozric Tentacles) as well as a UK tour in 1994 supporting the Ozrics and Zion Train.

Damidge recorded their debut album, 'Fax of Life' in 1994 at Foel Studios, North Wales. However the album was never released due to the band's breakup after Prince and Seaweed left to play with the Ozrics on their US tour.

The demise of the band left its frontman in deep depression and Wynne to a tragic suicide in 1999.

In 2013 Al reformed the band with Pym back on guitar, Mitch Lapute on bass and Cosmo on drums.

the band's reformation, Damidge has played with Chelsea, RDF, Splodgenessabounds, Citizen Fish & English Dogs. Their gigs have included Alchemy Festival, Cosmic Puffin & Fordham Park Festivals, Underworld Camden and Horsedrawn Camp's 'Beltane Bash' & 'It's not the End of the World.'

Hotel California Birkenhead


(a brief history)

Al Damidge put a line-up together for The Pullens Festival in 1987 with sax player Dan Carpenter. Before this Al had played only one gig, although he had worked with, and been asked to perform on stage with The Dammed, Hanoi Rocks, The Addicts and the UKSubs.

This was the first time Al had played a gig, to his surprise it went down so well that the band got a first paying gig. The original line up did not last long though. Al met Roland Wynne, at the time playing bass with the Ozric Tentacles, and he got to writing a new set. Then along came a guitarist called Sibs. But Sibs had a real downer on life and it was hard to get a smile out of him, so he had to go. Needing a new guitarist and a drummer that could keep the beat, the search started.

Up popped Rock Star Jim, he worked in a music shop by day, so rehearsals were at night. Gigs started to come in though and the band got to work. Eventually the Big Gig! finally came up. Incredibly though, Rock Star Jim dropped out only two weeks before the gig, shortly followed by the drummer Big John.

All this left Al right up in the air but, as luck would have it, Al and Roly met AlexPym the best guitarist so far. Al then asked Seaweed who'd been playing keyboards with the Thunderdogs if he'd like to play the Big Gig! at Brixton with them. Roly had a friend called Iver who was supposed to be a drummer. So Al, Roly, Alex and Iver played the Big Gig! at the Brixton Academy. Iver though, had to be taken completly out of the mix because he was "not quite on form" shall we say. Fortunatly luck was still with them, Alex had a friend, a drum roady at the Big Gig! in Brixton called Conrad Prince, he also happened to be an excellent drummer. Now back with a full line up Al was able to get on the road doing some festivals, including Glastonbury, the biggest in England.

After touring that year Al took to a 24 track studio to record the album Fax Of Life. Al used Foel Studios based in Wales belonging to Dave Anderson an ex bass player for Hawkwind. Happy with what they produced they decided to stay independent, even though they were offered talks with Sony, A/M and others.

The band went on playing and gigging because that's what the band loved to do,

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DAMIDGE live at New Cross the Venue London





During this time the band lineup was: AL DAMIDGE (vox) ROLY WYNNE (bass ) ALEX PYM (guitar) RAD PRINCE (drums) SEAWEED (keyboards) It was this line up that recorded the album FAX OF LIFE and they gigged all over the U.K

Six months later though things were not going so well, the Ozric Tentacles had lost their drummer and keyboard player who were now playing with Damidge. So as Roly came to play with Damidge, Conrad and Seaweed were then asked to join the Ozrics so Al's band ended up having to share Conrad and Seaweed. Eventually they were off supporting the Ozrics on a British tour. Unfortunately after this Roly became ill. Conrad and Seaweed ended up full time with the Ozrics, and steadily things just went from bad to worse. Roly was unwell for a long time and Alex went off and joined some kind of pop band. Al started drinking a lot, inevitibly things fell apart. These were the dark times for Damidge, but the worst was yet to come.

Roly committed suicide on Halloween 99. Al was deeply affected by the loss of Roly, he had lost a good friend and that loss still hurts today, R.I.P. Roland Wynne. On a positive note though, they produced a great album. Also Roly's death, in some way, helped Al come to terms with his own life, giving him the motivation to stop drinking, to start writing again and produce new material.


FAX OF LIFE (1994)
Remixed & Remasted in 2013
Released in 2014

Produced By Damidge
Vocals-Al Damidge
Bass/Backing Vocals -Roly Wynne
Guitar -Alex Pym
Drums--Conrad Prince
Keyboards- Christopher Lennox-Smith (aka. Seaweed)
All tracks written and performed by Damidge
Remixed by Jack Sinclair
Remixed by Barry Gardener

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